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Naked WWE Divas

 Yes it true, and Im sure you all know many of the Divas have posed for Playboy and other magizines naked. Well I found a website that has most of the WWE Divas Naked. There's a ton of pictures too. I figured you would probably enjoy seeing some of these. So have fun. Ohh and if you wanna see other Divas naked that aren't there just email the webmaster.

Here's something interesting. Ashley Massaro, Torrie Willson, Gail Kim, and tons of Divas have posed naked. Gail Kim even posed nude for a cell phone commercial in South Korea. Dude... that makes we want to move to South Korea.
Anyway, the funny thing is actually Mickie James. I swear, she is the only Diva in history to pose for a hardcore porn shoot. And while I han't found evidence that she actually had sex on film, she sure did stip with some dude and like climb on him. Honestly, Mickie James isn't the girl I wanna see naked. She's more like a sister, than a babe... but whatever... Of course the really hot Divas won't pose naked. But this site has some really good "slips" caught on camera. Melina, Trish, and a few others. (Awesome)

naked wwe divas

I swear I can't make this up. Im sorry if Im the only one that doesn't really find Mickie James attractive. Dont get me wrong, I look at this picture and think.... well I know she is hot, but I dont find her attractive. It's like looking at some dude that is a body builder, and thinking.... hmmm that dude looks good. Thats not gay, cause you're just admiring what someone has done with their body. Damn I'll be out with my wife and be like, "Baby look at that guy! I wish I looked like that..." That's not gay. For a perfect example of what is gay, CLICK HERE. What's my point in all this? Simple, when I look at Mickie James, it's like lookin at a guy. It's not that she is unattractive, it's just that no one really finds her attractive... like that. ya know?


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